Manufacturing Solutions for advanced Bogie Frames


“BEC” have invested millions of dollars in foundry, fabrication & machining technology including 5-axis CNC Plano Millers & Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) for the measurement of Bogie FramesCast Freight Car Bogie assembly including side frame & bolster up to 25-ton axle load including bogies for Container HandlingCast Locomotive Bogie Frames for Tri–Axle & Two-Axle, Co-Co Bogie, Flexi Coil Bogie & Truck Frames for Diesel Loco & Electric LocoFabricated & Hybrid Bogie Frames for Locomotives, Coaches, Train Sets & Metro Cars

Manufacturing  Solutions for Couplers & Draft Gears

The advance foundry technology with AAR & ISO certification ensures “BEC” Coupling Systems meets global standards. SPM & appropriate gauges are the foremost requirement in achieving successful assembly including interchange.Coupler Assembly: AAR “E” type, AAR “E/F”, AAR “H” – Head Type tight lock coupler with/without balance draft gearDraft Gear for Freight & Passenger CoachMain Coupler Component & replacement parts: Knuckle, Yoke, … 

Manufacturing Solutions for Track Crossings

The most mechanized foundry integrated with CNC machining facility makes “BEC”  the largest Track Crossing Manufactures in India. The 50% of  manufacturing capacity is used for export to third countries including USA & Canada for more than two decadesCast Mn-Steel Crossings for 52 Kg & 60 Kg Acute and Obtuse CrossingsMn-Steel Frogs & InsertsBridge JointsWeldable Crossings, Scissor & Diamond CrossingsEDH on Crossings

Manufacturing Solutions for Extra-large Fabrication

The most advanced fabrication facility with automatic welding line, robotic welding line & advance fabrication technology is given priority to achieve manufacturing excellence @” BEC” to meet normal & extra large fabrication for coaches & locomotive.Shell Assembly for Locomotive including under frames, sidewall & roofCritical Fabricated Items for Locomotive, Passenger Coach & locomotive in plain Carbon & Cr-Mo Steel

Manufacturing Solutions for Power Pack Items

“BEC” is amongst the few manufacturing companies globally to manufacture the fabricated Crank Case & Engine Block for Diesel Locomotives & other modes of transportation. A dedicated production line is a set-up to meet the global technology standard.Crank Case & Engine Block for 2–Stroke & 4–Stroke Engines up to 16 Cylinder Oil Pan Base Frames